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Product Overview

smart-E 510 with discharger

100 kV / 800 µA,
Discharges 100 kV in less than one second.

The smart-E 510D is the high voltage generator for electrostatic applications up to 100 kV and 800 µA.
The compact smart-E 510D can be mounted directly at the robot ellbow for example.
3 different interfaces are available - PROFINET, Ethernet IP and EtherCAT.
The integrated discharger provides a fast discharge from 100 kV in less than one second.

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product image: smart-E 510 with discharger

Product Presentation

Technical Data

Power supply
24 V
Output voltage
10 - 100 kV
Output current
up to 80 kV - 800 µA, from 81 kV - 600 µA
Ambient conditions
+5 to +40 C max. 70 r. H.
Storage temperatures
-20 bis +70 C
295x170x50 mm
Ca. 4 kg
Protection class
IP 65
Performance Level
Ex ll 2G/D (PTB 15 ATEX 5018 X)
For industrial use (File Nr. E490615)
High voltage connection
Greased hv-connector with 4 mm socket, 80 mm deep.
CAN Open - Profinet - Ethernet IP - EtherCat


Operating manual

Examination certificates

3D files

Bus integration files

  • Icon: zip GSD-Datei zur Einrichtung der Profinet-Schnittstelle 257.21 kB download file
  • Icon: zip EDS-Datei zur Einrichtung der Ethernet-Schnittstelle 2.16 kB download file
  • Icon: zip ESI-Datei zur Einbindung der EtherCat-Schnittstelle 2.53 kB download file
  • Icon: zip EDS-Datei zur Einrichtung der CAN-Schnittstelle 1.51 kB download file