Years of experience paired with innovative ideas

The origin of the company SCHNIER Elektrostatik GmbH comes from flocking. In the first years high voltage generators were almost exclusively manufactured for the flocking industry. Later other areas were added, such as the painting branch and material separation. In any case, the main emphasis was still clearly in flocking.

In 1995 we were able to gain Fred Luderer as an employee. With 35 years of experience and very good contacts to the painting branch, he opened up new business opportunities. Shortly thereafter came Olav Schnier, son of the company founder, as an addition to the team. The good mixture of concentrated experience and new ideas ensured a new, innovative pallet of products.

In 1998 the development department was expanded by an in-house electronics development area. From then on all layouts were created in-house. The interaction of high-voltage and µC electronics was and is one of our know-how concentrations.

In 2009 Rudi Winterhalter took over as manager of development and further expanded the development area. New areas were set up and investment was made in a 3D design tool. All new products were first created in 3D and on request our customers received data of the components for integration in their own 3D tool.
Today every VW that is on the belt in Wolfsburg is painted with SCHNIER high-voltage and in the new, clean paint shops at PORSCHE clean air is ensured by SCHNIER high-voltage in the electrostatic precipitator.

In 2014 the smart-E with integrated discharger came to life. As the first (and to date only) one in the world, we were able to develop an electronic discharger. High-voltage can be completely discharged within a few seconds.

2015 SCHNIER Elektrostatik GmbH wins the first prize at the Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Prize, the innovation prize from Baden-Württemberg, endowed with 20.000 €.

2016 The new SE-Lounge with an attached cigar lounge is ready. The SE Lounge serves as a lounge for employees, customers and suppliers. Once a year, employees can also celebrate their birthday here.

2017 The production moved into the new module production area with connected test laboratory. The planning was focused on a pleasant working environment and ergonomics.

2019 More and more inquiries in the field of X-ray technology could not be met because an isolated cathode supply was missing. This gap has been closed and the new, innovative cathode supply is ready for the market.