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Dangerous fine dust from the fireplace?

This can be reduced to a minimum with an electrostatic filter

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Dangerous fine dust from the fireplace?

Plate electrostatic precipitator

In the plate electrostatic precipitator the ionizer is charged with negative high-voltage. The ionizer (charge electrode) mainly consists of fine wires that release electrons through their small radius of curvature. The electrons deposit themselves on air molecules or directly on dust particles and make these into ions (ION= electrically charged atom or molecule). The charged particles are now pulled in by the grounded collector plates and there separated. Often a beating device also ensures that the collector plates and especially the space between is kept clear.

Smaller particles in the air can be separated easier than the large particles in the electrostatic precipitator, therefore a pre-separator/pre-filter is normally also upstream of the electrostatic precipitator.

99.9% of the particles found in a flue gas can be filtered out using an electrostatic precipitator and this with significantly less energy than in a mechanical filter.

High Voltage Supplies for Electrostatic Filters

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Plate electrostatic precipitator