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Basics of electrostatics

Knowledge and technology

Folge 19: Electrostatic Filter (Particle separator)

Episode 18: The Ionic Thrust

Episode 17: Influence of the capacity on the discharge energy

Episode 16: Propagating brush discharges

Folge 15: Sliding discharges

Episode 14: The Leyden Jar

Episode 13: Influence machine (Wimshurst machine)

Episode 12: Influence

Episode 11: Gas ignition by a charged person

Episode 10: Person is charged with 300.000 Volts

Episode 9: Spreading of an Explosion

Episode 8: Ignition by electrostatic charge (Explosion 💥)

Episode 7: Electrostatic flocking

Episode 6: Electrostatic charges and forces

Episode 5: Ionisation and the Faraday cage

Episode 4: How is ionic wind created?

Episode 3: Why does a tip discharge differently than a ball?

Episode 2: Why do charged pvc tubes repel each other?

Basics of electrostatics - Episode 1: Why does charge result from friction?