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Product Overview

Grounding stick HEB 01/01

For discharging and grounding

Discharge and grounding sticks are a vital part of high voltage safety practices.
The grounding stick HEB 01/01 have been specifically designed for discharging and grounding of high voltage electrodes up to 160 kV

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product image: Grounding stick HEB 01/01

Technical Data

Maximum Voltage
160 kV DC
Maximum plant capacity
10 nF
Environmental conditions
+5°C to 50°C max. 80% r.H.
Dimensions Ø / L
40 (120) / 800 mm
1,5 kg
Bleeding resistor
Handle: < 1 Ohm (trough grounded copper shield) Ground electrode < 500 kOhm (trough grounded plastic conductor)
Grounding tip
exchangeable a) round electrode b) 4mm brush plug c) Hook
Connection cable
5 m shielded high voltage cable with damped plastic conductor


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