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Product Overview

Cathode supply

35 W Cathode supply

This special current source is intended for use as a cathode supply for X-ray tubes. Its output power is 35 watts with an isolation voltage of up to 150 kV. Only a 24V DC supply is required for operation. Control is via the CAN interface. Optionally, the setpoint signal can be fed in via an analog input. The built-in microcontroller allows a very precise and fast control of the output current.

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Technical Data

Insulation voltage
max. 150 kV (abhängig vom verwendeten Hochspannungskabel)
Output Power
max. 35 W
Output current
max. 5 A
Power supply
24 V DC max. 3 A
0-10 V Sollwertvorgabe, 24 V Signale alternativ CAN Bus
1780 g
Protection class
IP 64
Ambient conditions
0°C bis +45°C max. 70 % r.F.
Storage temperatures
-20° C bis +70° C