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Product Overview

Testbox for HEB 01/01

for function test of grounding sticks

The test box is used to check grounding sticks type HEB 01/01. In electrostatic coating systems, 1 MΩ is considered to be sufficiently grounded. The test box checks whether the grounding stick is grounded and the resistance of the cable is max. 1 MΩ

order number: 810204

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product image: Testbox for HEB 01/01

Technical Data

Input voltage
24 V DC +/- 10%
Input current
Max. 100 mA
Environmental conditions
+5°C to 50°C max. 80% r.H.
Dimensions Ø / H
60 mm / 26 mm
100 g
Protection class
IP 54
required build-in conditions
The centric hole is used to mount the test box.
2 LED-fields, yellow = supply volage ok and box ready, green = Test OK
Measuring range
< 1 MOhm


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